Mediview Group

We aim to offer our client excellent service in convenient cost. We never compromise with service quality.

Mediview is now a health destination of many, even from far and wide. Renowned centres like Gamma Centauri and Calcutta Medical Centre (CMC) are today under the same fold and management of Mediview Group.

Endowed with one hundred hospitals beds, affordable by all strata of population; backed up by most modern diagnostic facilities have enabled Mediview to be one of the key players of Health Care in this State. Almost all types of Senior Specialist and Consultants of Kolkata regularly avail of the services here to provide quality health care to their patients.

Mediview Nursing Home, with 60 (sixty) beds, is conveniently located in South Kolkata and is serving a wide range of people with dedicated health care services round the clock, 365 days a year.

In Center Kolkata Gamma Centauri with 40 (forty) beds being situated in a quiet, calm and serene location, is providing similar services for over a decade. Patients opting for quality care often prefer Gamma Centauri. The ambiance, ably aided by sincerity of all medical and paramedical staff ensure quality care.

On the other hand, Calcutta Medical Centre (CMC), in the heart of the city, is continuing to provide yeomen service to the medical needs of the people for three decades. Ultra modern diagnostics facilities of a very wide range supported by one of the busiest Polyclinic in Kolkata make CMC dependable and famous. Many leading corporates in Kolkata have direct tie-up with CMC and other centres. Health Check up services are regularly provided to many.

Mediview is thus dynamic and expanding with more and more people reposing increasing faith in the group.