Rules & Regulation to be followed at Mediview Nursing Home

1. Visiting Hours :
  • Morning 10.30 am. to 11.30 am.
  • Evening 4.30 pm. to 6.30 pm.
  • Morning NO VISITORS
  • Evening 5.30 pm. to 6.30 pm.
Party to visit their patient after showing the visitor card which is issued at the time of admission.

2. Check Out Time:
  • 12 noon

3. Food:
  • Patient's food is provided by the Nursing Home. Outside food as a routine will not be allowed unless recommended by the consultant.

4. Advance Deposits (Minimum) :
  • a. Rs. 10,000/- for ICCU/ ITU/ Single room
  • b. Rs. 5,000/- for other beds
All payments by Cash/Credit Card

5. Interim Payment :
  • Interim payment shall have to be made by the patient party to meet treatment and the other expenses for time to time as asked by the Nursing home. Daily Payment status of the patient should be obtained from the office.

6. Interim Billing Status :
  • This will be available at the office between 4.00 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. on weekdays. The approximate total amount due from a patient, other than the doctors fee, will be informed by the office to the patient party. Detailed breakup will only be given at the time of final billing.

7. Medicines:
  • Medicines, consumables and implants are to be provided by patient party.

8. Settlement of Dues :
  • A patient will be discharged / transferred to other places only after the Nursing Home dues are fully settled.

9. Valuables etc. :
  • Patients are not allowed to keep any valuables like Jewellery, cell phone, cash etc. with them during their stay in the Nursing Home. If any patient retains any Valuables and subsequently lost, the Nursing Home authorities will not be responsible for the loss.

10. Bed Transfer :
  • The Nursing Home reserves the right to transfer any patient from one bed to another of same category, as far as possible, without any consent of the patient party. If the condition of a patient calls for, a patient may also be transferred to ICCU / ITU without prior consent of the patient party.

11. Patient's Personal Information :
  • Patient party is solely responsible for providing the correct particulars of patient like name, age, address, etc. at the time of admission. The Nursing Home will not be responsible for any problems arising out of any wrong information provided to Nursing Home.

12. Private Sister :
  • Private Sister may be engaged by the Patient party. An application has to be made for the same. Depending upon the availability, private sisters may be provided and billed for.

13. Mechanical Failure of Machines :
  • The management will not be responsible for sudden failure of A.C. or any other technical / mechanical disorder. No claim on such account will be entertained.

14. Advance Bed Booking :
  • Advance bed booking does not guarantee allocation of the booked bed at the time of admission. It would be provided strictly on availability.

15. Extra Cot :
  • On request extra cot will be provided to the patient party for patients admitted in the single bedded rooms (2nd, 3rd and 5th floor only) against Rs. 600 per day.

16. Cashless Treatment Facility :
  • Patients holding Mediclaim / Health insurance policies can avail the Cashless Treatment facility at Mediview Nursing Home (conditions apply). However, prime responsibility of availing the cashless from TPA / Insurance Company lies with the patient party.

17. Credit Cards :
  • Mediview Nursing Home accepts Credit cards from all leading banks (Conditions apply) on the Nursing Home bill only.

18. Tips :
  • No tips should be given to any employee of the Nursing Home.

19. Litigation if any, would be held within the jurisdiction of Calcutta High Court only.

20. Please :
  • - Do not smoke or consume alcoholic beverages within the Nursing Home Premises.
  • - Do not operate any instrument yourself.
  • - Do not keep windows/door open while AC is on.
  • - Do not wash cloths in the Nursing Home Premises.
  • - Do not litter inside the Nursing Home Premises.
  • - Maintain silence in the Nursing Home for the interest of the patients.